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About Us

We believe more entrepreneurs can be successful and build valuable companies

What if entrepreneurs could beat the odds?

The statistics don't lie. Many entrepreneurs fail. Some fail earlier. Some fail years after they start their business. What would happen if more survived, thrived and built valuable businesses? What would that mean for our local communities and national economies?

We believe that entrepreneurs can beat the odds if they had access to advice, tools and resources that they could use to build valuable businesses. While many entrepreneurs are comfortable with the particular product or service their business offers they are often uncomfortable with the financial aspects of their business. We have set out to change that. By providing a financial planning platform that connects entrepreneurs with dedicated business advisors we see a future where advice and direction is available as entrepreneurs need it, wherever they need it. Technology has made business more efficient and we are using those efficiencies to deliver professional services at a fraction of the price.

If you are serious about building a profitable and valuable business sign up for an Account today and let us get to work helping you do more.

mlenow was founded by Dylan Gallagher - learn more about him here :)